Windows, Android and iOS App for the National Dutch Police.

Gulf News

Suite of mobile apps for the Emirati news organisation, Gulf News.

Wegener News

Suite of news apps based on the newspapers of Wegener group who serve mainly to regions in the east and south of the Netherlands.

Robotic Gaze

User experience research about Robotic Gaze Behaviour with groups of users in a museum setting.

Hey, hello! You are at This is the outlet to show my work to the world. In here you will be able to find some of the projects I have done. You will also get to know a little bit about me and my profession.


About me

I am a User Experience unicorn. In other words, I work on User Experience research, Interaction design and Graphical user interface design. The whole enchilada!…

I was born and raised in Mexico. However, I have worked, studied and lived in the United States too. Since 2010 I moved to the lovely Netherlands. I now call Rotterdam home.   : )

Looking for examples of my past work?


I share my opinions and stuff in Google+… I like it, it has a pretty interface that makes me giggle.


Do you want to gossip? Oh shame on you!… Here you go, enjoy!   : P


And why not? Let’s embrace social media, of course I have a Twitter.


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