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Hi, my name is Gilberto, and I’m user experience designer from the Netherlands (and Mexico) who likes to make things look good and work even better.

UX case studies

Creating a 3D templating tool for total hip replacement

This case study was done for ZimmerBiomet

This In this case study, we will delve into the intricacies of developing the next-generation product after the success of ONE Planner Hip. ONE Planner Hip, also known as OPH, is a successful template tool that allows surgeons to create a precise total hip arthroplasty plan from an X-Ray. The project’s main challenge was the development of a 3D browser-based web planner that would allow surgeons to plan hip surgeries with similar or greater accuracy.

Templating tool for total hip replacement
Price display in desktop

Improving price clarity display across the funnel

This case study was done for Findhotel

This UX case study is focused on how prices are and should be displayed on the whole flow of Findhotel. From the moment that the user lands on the website and makes a search for a hotel, (or arrives from a 3rd party source) it is important for our team to display the most accurate information about the price. 

How the price of a hotel per night is broken is however a bit complicated, and several A/B tests have been performed with different solutions. This is one of the most significant ones.

Price display in desktop

Allowing users to pay later for their bookings

This case study was done for Findhotel

This UX case study is focused on giving our customers the possibility to pay later at the hotel or apartment on arrival. We theorized that we would significantly reduce the friction that our users encounter by allowing them to pay once they arrive at the property. 

While the idea in essence has a sound base. It also had some important ramifications. For instance, being able to pay later is all fine if one is able to cancel on time. However the same cannot be said about agreeing to Pay later without the possibility of free cancellation. 

This just but one issue of many that will be resolved as the feature evolves and proves its business value for the company. From the user point of view having a clear expectation of what will be paid and when is key for the long-term viability of this initiative.

UXCase study: Pay later
UXCase study: Pay later
Design system

The making of a design system

This case study is a collection of experiences of four separate attempts to create a design system for Coolblue, Findhotel, Twill (Maersk), and Floorplanner

This UX case study is a bit different than the others because it is not 100% customer-centric. It takes into account how to bring a design language into a system, and how it can be adopted by all the teams that make customer-facing products.

Unlike previous case studies, this study is aimed at creating a consistent design language that designers, developers, copywriters, and product owners can adopt.  

This study includes a description of the tools used to bridge the gap between design and development.  

Design system

Streaming restocking decisions

This case study was done for Coolblue

This UX case study is focused on giving our customers a higher availability rate in our product portfolio.  

Unlike other studies where the focus on the conversion based solely on the customer experience. This one tackles a systematic problem in the organization through back-office application design.

Most of the study focuses on the business processes of Coolblue’s buyers who are in charge of restocking the stores and warehouses. The application that was created to manage their process better is also specifically designed for them.

Restocking application main screen
Restocking application main screen

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What other people say about me

“Gilberto is an immensely capable and sharp UX designer. Not only does he make software look good, he makes it simple and delightful to use.
From first sketch to final product, he works closely with stakeholders, developers and POs to make sure the users will get the best possible experience, and fights for it to continue that way. But above it all, he is just plain fun to work with, and any team would be happy to have him.”

Filipe Silva

“Few people have the opportunity to work with a talent like Gilberto. Gilberto expertly filled the role of UX Designer for one of my Scrum teams at Coolblue for just over a year. Gilberto’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our teams. He would be a true asset for any positions requiring design and comes with my sincere recommendation.”

Wim van Baaren

“Gilberto is a great and social collegue and very creative and innovative designer. Gilberto always come up with new idea’s and solutions for complex design problems, which resuls in a great finished product. I see Gilberto as a real pro designer, and it was a honor to work with him”

Eelco Zuurbier

“Gilberto is a man of word and deed, as well as a great companion. Being an interaction designer, he proved that photoshop-guy can easily help you with everything, from a fresh look at unsolvable problem to Product Owner replacement. Not only does he know how the product should look like, he also is capable of providing a full-time support to a team, carrying of every pixel is in place, every colour as pleasant to the customer’s eye as a tulip’s petal. He is always in course of the latest and most catching design approaches, at the same time, – Gil himself is a flagship of modern Mobile Application Design Theory. I infinitely grateful to meet him on my carrier route, as he has made great positive impact for my own work, helping me with process, as well as for Al Jazeera mobile application project, that has got a brand new, nice and fresh look.
I recommend him to any company who needs a brilliant designer, great teammate and a friend!”

Rostislav Roginevich

“Gilberto is the person you want at your side. he will keep focus on the task given. will research and present better options, faster and cheaper geting the same quality or even better. will keep you updated at all time on the status. Gilberto is the reason behind the http://www.luciernagastudio.com/ website. with that master piece we were able to attract more costumers for ours projects. and if that is not enough, He is a great and fun guy to work with.”

Demian Kurejwowski

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I live and work in the Randstad area of the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Harlem, etc).

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